Best Paintball Barrels

Material Barrel Overview

If we talk about paintball gun then you will notice it is consist of different parts from which the barrel is one of them which allows you to get efficient shooting experience. While selecting a paintball gun, an experienced user definitely take a look of the barrel size and shape. These marker barrels are made by different machining manufacturing processes.  

The main purpose of the marker barrel is provide a fast and long movement to the paintball and gives the user perfect shot. The inner side of the marker barrel is micro polished such that there is no resistance occurred in the oath of paintball while shooting.

These marker barrels are made up of different materials from which there are some popular barrel materials as aluminum barrels, ceramic barrels, stainless steel barrels, carbon fiber barrels, titanium barrels and brass barrels. Hera we have discussed these different marker barrels below. Different marker barrel’s materials have their own quality which described below as well. 

Aluminum marker barrels

Aluminum is the great choice for the paintball players in order to get a reliable and lightweight barrel and offers easy shooting. This Aluminum barrel is relatively cheap and is easy to manufacture. This material barrel is easy to get as this this available in most paintball selling shops. But also this barrel bends on high load.

Stainless Steel marker barrels

Stainless steel paintball barrels are the strong and durable marker barrels as compared with other barrel materials which best suits for competition paintballing. These barrels are easily available but it has higher material cost or we can say it is more expensive and takes time to machine. It weighs about 4 to 6 times heavier than a standard aluminum barrel.

Ceramic marker barrels

Ceramic marker barrels are advanced and lightweight barrel material having lightweight in comparison to metal barrel material. It is durable and offers self-cleaning feature, if you love to get accurate and easy shooting then Ceramic marker barrels are best for you.

Titanium paintball barrels

Titanium paintball barrels are efficient, durable and strong barrel material which is very lightweight than other marker barrels materials. Apart from other thing this barrel material takes special manufacturing process and time that is why it costs more than other marker barrels material.  

Carbon Fiber marker barrels

Carbon Fiber marker barrels are special barrel material which is made having great chemical and physical property properties. This barrel material is popularly used in the production of paintball barrels. These barrels are lighter than even Titanium material and stronger than aluminum but it is expensive. Despite, it is a high quality barrel material.

Brass marker barrels

Similar like Aluminum Brass marker barrels are easy to use, lightweight and sharp barrel material. These brass marker barrels are best in getting the fast and accurate speed of the paintball while shooting. But as it is a lightweight material it has a negative point also such that it bends in high pressure or load or impact of high external or internal forces.