Best Paintball Guns for Kids

As per the great enjoyment in paintball games kids also attracts towards it but the kids were worried that it will hurt when the paintball hit the body. But after the production of kids paintball guns, this all changed and the players become younger or the kids also started playing with paintball guns. Apart from the various outdoor games paintballing is one of the safe game that is easy to play and provides fun, the main feature could also be that it can be played by a family also weather it is a kid, adult, teenager, men, women etc.      

So now with the help of paintball guns for kids it is easy to play in family with your children along with ‘Steeltown Paintball’ facility that produce low impact when paintball hits. ‘Steeltown Paintball’ shows its best use for kids in birthday parties when different kids stay together and play with paintball guns with safety.

These effectively designed paintball guns for kids uses smaller paintball to shoot having 1/3 the weight of normal paintball.  These paintball guns for kids allows kids to have less than 1/3 the sting when shoot as these guns makes the paintball to run with slower speed. Even the kids not choose to play with bigger guns among less weight and less sting paintball guns. 

In actual testing, the team for inspection collected some kids having average 7 years age and they played the paintballing. Then the result was 100% as they all enjoyed the paintballing game with the special designed paintball guns for kids. If we talk about its paintball tank then it can be varied to have different numbers of paintballs in it. It is found that these guns transfer 5 joules of energy from the 13 joules of energy for standard size paintball.

Now the thing is to choose the best paintball guns for your kid that is why we have collected the best of these guns for you as per the effective search. These ‘paintball guns’, used a gaming weapon in “Paintballing” in which the players shoot these paintballs to other players and make them eliminate from the game and then make you win the game. So just have a look on the below mentioned best paintball guns for kids and grab your gun. 

  1. Tippmann A5

One of the most popular and feature rich best paintball gun for kids is the Tippmann A5 which is easy to maintain and use in paintballing. It has a simple great look and allows user to connect different accessories to the paintball gun. 

This feature rich Tippmann A5 marker comes with cyclone hopper that helps in an easy projection of these paintballs for the shoot with long range and lower speed. This is a semi-automatic, open bolt paintball marker by Tippmann offering Heckler & Koch MP5K and gives a submachine gun look. 

For the working purpose it is compatible with CO2 and HPA and offers 200-round wide-mouth hopper with a single finger trigger & ported barrel. Another one of the most popular feature of this paintball gun is tournament velocity adjuster that helps you to play according to your game level. 

This paintball gun for kids was manufactured in 2002 in the U.S.A. that uses a unique loading system named as “Cyclone Feed System” that loads the paintballs in cyclone style. 

Pros –

  • Comes with advanced and effective Cyclone feed hopper 
  • Includes a responsive trigger system and real simple look
  • Only comes in black and silver color
  • It includes a sniper barrel
  • Offers shock absorbing end cap
  • Independent on the climate whether it hot, rain or cold via Solid body exterior 

Cons –

  • Slightly higher weight as compared to other paintball guns for kids.
  1. Tippmann 98

If we are talking about the best paintball guns for kids then Tippmann 98 is one of the best paintball guns having low maintenance, made in USA and offers many great features to fulfill the required need of the game & the kids. This paintball gun is semi-automatic, and fully customizable in order to increase its performance, it consists CO2, compressed air or nitrogen compatibility, 68 caliber aluminum casted receiver having open bolt back, 200 round hopper, quick-release feeder elbow and many more features.

This best paintball guns for kid includes spare tank o-ring, barrel sleeve, wrenches, oil, and cleaning cable in its maintenance pack. The removable front grip allows user to have a real feel of a gun in order to set the vertical tanks & its chamber.

While considering the reliability & durability along with the accessories available Tippmann 98 proves to be the most versatile paintball gun for kids and offers a great firing rate of 8 balls per second. This gun with open bolt system is effectively created for paintball and it delivered a high sale rate.  

Pros –

  • Offers good reliability and durability
  •  Low price paintball gun
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Open bolt system and real gun look
  •  Fully compatible with compressed air, nitrogen and CO2

Cons –

  • Limited upgradation
  1. Spyder Victor Paintball Marker

Talking for the selling value of paintball guns then Spyder Victor is the first in the list to have the best selling value among all relative paintball guns. This semi automatic paintball gun offers easy to use operation method followed by simple & low maintenance and consists of blow back design. The new model short size and lightweight quality of this gun made to transfer this efficient paintball gun in the list of the best paintball guns for kids. 

Spyder Victor paintball marker allows you clean it easily as it has quick strip top bolt and shoots up to 1500 shots. This special gun is made of aluminum and continues its popularity as a result of its effective performance. 

Apart from rest, it offers many great features which cannot be easily find in a single gun like as clamping feedneck made up of polymer, CA thread adapter, external velocity adjuster, rubber grip panel and many more.

Pros –

  • Lightweight and short size
  • Polymer frame & clamping feedneck
  • More shoots
  • Fast and easy oiling & cleaning  

Cons –

  • Not the most accurate paintball gun
  1. Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Marker gun

Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun is one of the most popular markers for kids which are used to shoot the target with lower speed. This paintball gun for kids has been effectively made for new paintball players with low price of just only $69. The players looking for the gun for first time, they have this gun their best choice and provide better experience to the players.  

The Tippmann Gryphon paintball guns are currently available for those players who want to success in paintballing and become effective paintball shooter. The best quality of this gun is its power to shoot the target sharply. Apart from the best feature of cheapest price it has many other features like as it includes advanced goggles with long performance with anti-fog lens, 200 round loader, and 9 ounce CO2 tank which is greater in size as compared to other paintball guns of this range.

Under the price tag of $100, this Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun does not include external hoses which removes the macro fitting and provides a decent look. If you want to buy a gun in future to start your paintballing then there is no time to stop just got it. And you will not face any disturbance or problem while using it.

If you buy this paintball gun then you will notice an inbuilt bolt system in it which makes it more reliable and allow user to have require low maintenance with no disadvantages.


  • Blade trigger designed allows user to have a smooth trigger pulling effort
  • The included ported barrel reduces the sound and improved the accuracy of the gun
  • The rigid designed front grip differs this gun for kids from other guns
  • Included inline bolt system makes it reliable 
  • Includes Internal Gasline of CO2 for a decent look
  • New model body frame and loader position give more balance to the marker during shooting
  • It has Center feed design for fast right or left movement


  • Slight heavier 
  1. JT Splatmaster Z100 paintball pistol –

JT Splatmaster Z100 paintball pistol is Ideal for Kids Ages 9 to 12 this is the one of the best paintball gun for kids. JT Splatmaster Z100 paintball pistol can easily handle by kids because of its lightweight. These guns are design for only those kids who are under 12. Kids can use it as a sport or for fun as this paintball gun is safe for kids.

The best thing of this paintball gun for kids is that JT Splatmaster Z100 gun has low speed for hitting to target which is good for kids. This gun cannot shoot the target as fast as a normal paintball gun. The kids can use it easily in their enjoyment.

This gun has spring inside and spring power is less than the power of a normal paintball gun. This is the slowest gun among the all paintball gun. That is why it is the best gun for kids. Not only kids but also beginners and adult can use this paintball gun to play.

The JT Splatmaster Z100 is very cheap than other paintball gun, the cost of these guns is not more than 40-55 dollars. Paintball gun can be pricey for a beginner and if he is not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a gun then he can buy it. If you are an adult and want to try paintball then you can also go near your paintball field and rent out the gun for some days.

The JT Spaltmaster Z100 pistol is very cheap and does not have any cons of its price because it has spring power and less capability to hit the target and can be used only by the kids. That is why this is cheap than any other paintball guns.

Pros –

  • The JT Splatmaster Z100 paintball pistol is a spring powered pump action paintball guns. It means that there is no requirement of batteries or compressed air in it.
  • It is very safe for your kids and so it has been used all over the world.
  • It is very cheap than any other paintball guns.
  • Its weight is very light because it is made of plastic and kids can also use it easily.
  • These guns are design only for kids and the company who manufacture these guns, gives powerful and updated design fame in the world.

Cons –

  • Its accuracy is not good.
  • It is not so strong as compared to other paintball gun because it is made of plastic.
  • It can hit the target kept 30 feet away only.
  1. Valken Gotcha Shotgun

The Valken Gotcha Paintball Shotgun is latest gun for kids which includes the spring powered system and is similar as the JT Splatmaster Shotgun. It has the ability to shoot accurately and clearly along with it has a hopper which helps in holding the gun. Due to this hopper this gun differs from any other shotguns, you can also buy the hopper of this gun separately.

The hopper is a tank like structure that holds paintballs on the top of the paintball gun to be fired. How well this quality can be transmitted and received is a measure of how good our shoot skills are.  This paintball gun for kids holds 120 rounds of 50 Cal paintball, this measurement is the as the JT Splatmaster Z100 pistol shotgun holds.

Basically, Valken Gotcha Paintball Shotgun is the upgraded version of the JT Splatmaster Shotgun which you should try at least once to felt comfortable. It is because as per research this gun proves to be good in comparison with other paintball guns for kids and that is why it is slightly expensive than the JT Splatmaster Z100 pistol shotgun. The price is also expensive because it can hold more paintballs than any other relatively shotgun for kids.  


  • Holds more number of paintballs
  • Offers clear and accurate shoots
  • Paintball tank or hopper included

Cons –

  • Slightly expensive than other related paintball guns for kids