Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun Reviews

Tippmann 98 Custom Review –

One of the most important name in the paintball world id the Tippmann 98 paintball gun that comes with its own advanced features and allows people to attract towards it. The Tippmann paintball marker series is very popular in the paintball industry as it always produce reliable, easy to use and real look paintball gun. The updated barrel fixed in performs quitter shoots with improved efficiency.

The model changed from 98 to M98 Custom and offered the updated slings of these markers which allows it to attach different gun accessories to it along with more and accurate shooting power like as 6 to 9 shots per second with minimal implementation effort. In this Tippmann 98 Custom, the gun does not have Anti-Chop Eye system, instead, it now has invented own system of splitting.

It’s solid exterior offers a metallic look that gives a military style gun look, and not affected by climatic conditions namely rain, hot or cold atmosphere. Tippmann M98 Custom includes a holistic design that which is normal for Tippmann to produce these markers for long time before. This custom model comes with high-quality paint and varnish that providing it to have a durable coating and a comfort handling.

Now, this updated unified system changed the cocking start mechanism by including new bolt and spring into the rear inner part of the marker in the ball chamber allowing the paintball gun to easily cycle the balls and avoid from splitting. Tippmann offers a one year warranty on defective parts of the gun and try to satisfy customers and make them attract towards it.

Whenever you will buy a paintball gun the main thing comes in mind the price, and there are many different paintball guns that comes with different prices. The Tippmann 98 custom price is normal which also offers low maintenance and repair costs as it comes with high-quality parts. This Tippmann brand in paintballing is from many years and has a standard because of its customer service and support. 

Tippmann 98 custom responsive trigger effort is up to the mark that easily shot a gun with a uniform pressure on trigger. The gun offers lots of trunks as per the need of customer and allows user to have a complete entertainment while using it in game. This paintball marker suits all types of paintball players whether beginners in local competitions or experienced paintball players as it comes with upgrading facility. 

The Tippmann upgrading accessories are – the Cyclone feed system for 98 Custom, Custom E Trigger system which will give you full up to 15 Balls per second fire, NC Star Red Dot Sight and Carbine stock, the 16″ Sniper Barrel for 98 Custom, flatline trunk and more.

This advanced paintball gun also coffers a Tippmann 98 custom manual that helps user to easily use the paintball gun and to give the hidden features information in order to use the gun perfectly and enjoy the game to the best. The updated accessories allows user to match the different game requirement by updating the paintball gun.