What to wear Paintballing

Are you a paintball lover? If yes, then you are on the right platform, apart from only enjoying paintballing with the powerful real looking guns there are also some risks present that can harm your health and life. So you have to always prepare for the safety measures or clothes while playing, as the most common question for the paintball player is “Do paintballs hurt” or “What to wear paintballing”. 

In this article, we will definitely let you need to know exactly what would be the best to wear as per the common question “What to wear paintballing” and survive yourself in the battle for longtime play. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert paintball player everyone has their lives and thus preparing for ‘What to Wear to Play Paintball’ is the must.

We are humans, we live and comprises of sensitive parts in our body. They cannot be placed in danger only because of our enjoyment.  

These questions “what to wear paintballing in summer”, “what to wear paintballing the first time”, and “what to wear paintballing in winter” also have their own comfort point in order to provide you the best paintballing experience in different climatic conditions. The safety gears are namely, sweatshirts, vests, pads, masks, boots etc. The best wearing items for paintballing as per the question “What to wear paintballing” are mentioned below –

  1. Long Sleeves

The first wearing item to answer “What to wear paintballing” is long-sleeves which will cover your hand skin to the large area and the chances for hurting your skin will be less. Different cloth forms are present for long sleeves such as a loose sweatshirt, a full sleeves hoodie, a jacket etc. which can be used taking climatic conditions in mind. 

  1. Pants

The second important paintballing cloth is pants which play a vital role in great performance in the game. As in paintballing the body parts should be cover and so pants cover your legs and prevent you against harm. Irregular surfaces are present where the paintballing is organized in which pants are best to prevent you against injuries like an ankle twist which is a common leg injury. 

  1. Gloves

As your hands are exposed while holding a gun, so preventing your hands by a pair of gloves is mandatory. Now we have different varieties of gloves as we use in different sports like football, cricket, golf, and winter gloves. 

  1. Paintball Jersey

One of the best answers for the question “What to wear paintballing” is paintball jerseys which provide extra protection to the body and gives paintball player a real gunman look. These jerseys are available in different colors and fibers so that you can choose the best for you. These jerseys easily cover inner protective pads and vest.

  1. Vest

The vest is the other paintballing wearing item that contains its own value as it contains various pockets which help in providing upper body safer and useful to hold more essentials like as cash, map, water bottle, etc.

  1. Head Protection

One of the most sensitive parts of the body is head it its protection is foremost. And if you are a beginner then definitely you have to wear head-mask to protect face and eyes. Developed head masks are present nowadays that features anti-fog glass that makes you more active.

  1. Shoes

As paintball is a real sport in which the player has to move & run here and there on irregular surfaces that result in the requirement of shoes. The speedball or woods-ball requires shoes of different styles. In woods-ball best shoes are ankle supported like hiking boots and cleats are more suitable boots in speedball.

  1. Pod Packs

Another wearing item in paintballing are pod packs which are specifically created bag to hold extra paintballs which are vertical or horizontal in shape and are fixed on the waist.

  1. Ghillie Suits

The question “What to wear paintballing” also gives rise to another option that is Ghillie Suits which are comfortable to wear and allows paintball player to hide and match with the surrounding in order to long period gameplay. 

  1. Other Items to Prepare

Apart from the above mentioned important wearing items some other safety gears also remain which will be helping you in paintballing like as drinking water, a garbage bag, towels etc. paintball player is also advised to use an old & dark color and layered clothes as they stain & tear quickly. The neck protection is also advised through high neck sweater.

Conclusion –

To get the best paintballing experience and longer play one should wear the best clothes, masks, and shoes according to the climate. ‘What to wear paintballing’ will give you complete protection against the best paintball gun and other harmful factors. Hiking boots are recommended in paintballing to get a better grip in the mud to avoid different leg injuries while running or fast turn. The listed wearing items will provide you with full enjoyment in paintballing without any fear.

FAQ’s –

  • What kind of clothes do you wear for paintball?
  • Answer- Multi-layered sweatshirts and sweatpants are the best cloth to play paintball according to the climatic conditions. 
  • Do paintballs really hurt?
  • Answer- the realistic paintball guns can scare anyone who would like to play paintball for the first time of being hurt. Paintballs don’t hurt as per paintball clothing but on the bare skin at a near target, it can hurt you.
  • Do paintballs stain clothes?
  • Answer- Yes, as it contains liquid paint but these paintballs are specially designed having water soluble & bio-degradable paint in it that can be easily removed after washing clothes even after one day.
  • Does paintball hurt for a 12-year-old?
  • Answer- Yes, it hurts as a 12-year boy or girl has smooth skin and if fast paintball shot hit it it will hurt. An adult can easily bear it if it is fired at a distance.  
  • Can you wear jeans to paintball?
  • Answer- Yes, we can wear it but it should be not so fit that it creates a problem in running or fast turning motion of legs.